Go gently, tred lightly, leave only footsteps
Gentle menswear that is considerately and sustainably made.

Celebrate the softer side of life and a new era of masculinity with Theodore Herald.

Proudly and ethically made in Peru, Theodore Herald reflects the changing of expectations of what gentle men want to wear and be.

Made from the finest, ultra soft Royal Alpaca, and Pima Cotton, our knitwear is slow, ethical and sustainable.

Discover our materials

Theodore Herald knitwear is made with fine Peruvian materials. Royal Alpaca and Pima Cotton offer a variety of benefits to the wearer (naturally hypoallergenic, no lanolin or oil as well as soft, smooth and fine), that are greatly superior to options such as cashmere, merino and wool, but also to our farmers and the planet.

Royal Alpaca

Alpaca is synonymous with fine, high quality wool prized by the world’s fashion houses and has been a luxury fiber dating back to pre-Inca times.

One of the warmest as well as the finest materials in the world, our alpaca wool is sourced and spun by family farmers in Peru. An exceptionally sustainable material, alpacas reside at 3,800 metres above sea level and are known to graze gently, protecting natural biodiversity in contrast to goats and sheep.

Finer than cashmere, Royal Alpaca represents just 2% of all alpaca and is obtained from specific parts of the alpaca fleece. It also tends to be obtained from the youngest and least sheared alpaca. Our Royal Alpaca is sustainably sourced using traditional methods.

Three times stronger than sheep wool, our wonder alpaca is hypoallergenic and can be both exceptionally fine and light or thick and thermal. Water resistant with great body wicking and built in insulation and climate control, alpaca is a great choice for both warm and cool weather. It also gives garments a silky sheen that lasts despite washing and is even able to resist solar radiation.

Mercerized Pima Cotton

There’s cotton and then there’s Peruvian Pima Cotton. Widely reported to be the best and finest cotton in the world, Mercerized Pima Cotton is renowned for its extraordinary length, fineness and softness. This unique material is loved by designers and wearers for its luxury feel and quality. You’ll find that a Mercerized Pima Cotton garment will not pill and will retain its bright luster for years.

Highly resistant, hypoallergenic and with an unsurpassed tactile feel, Mercerized Pima Cotton garments stay fresh and shiny and have a unique drape.

Harvested only by hand, this clean fiber is sustainable and avoids the processes and damage attributed to industrial farming.

Why wear Theodore Herald?

With our ethos of comfort and consideration, our materials have a range of benefits to the wearer. These include:

• Hypoallergenic
• Naturally antibacterial
• Finer and softer than cashmere
• None of the prickle or itch factor of wool
• Moisture resistant
• Stain and odour resistant
• Highly durable
• Innovative thermal qualities
• Water resistant
• Long lifespan without pilling or balling
• Lightweight and tactile
• High colour, lustre and sheen
• Built in SPF
• Crease and wrinkle resistant

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