We must earn our right to be here. Theodore Herald must add to the world not deplete it and we believe that we can have a big impact in our planet. That's why we've set ourselves up as a lifestyle choice that supports a softer, slower, more ethical and equitable approach to fashion.

Our farmers, manufacturers and partners have been carefully selected for their sustainable, planet and people-positive practices and we have chosen to support our homeland of Peru for its natural wonders but also its increasingly prominence in championing sustainable manufacturing, animal welfare, Fair Trade, progressive planet-friendly dying practices.

Our labels (brand and size labels), all zippers as well as our packaging (bag, box and tissue paper) are made out of recyclable materials. As a slow-fashion brand, our collections will last longer than the usual fashion cycle and when you choose Theodore Herald, we encourage you to buy only what you need and when in need, to buy clothing of better quality that will last. And we'll keep working to reduce our footprint and innovate the future of regenerative fashion.