You are not one dimensional and neither are we. This is why we take our name from two great Peruvian artist-creative changemakers – the artist-activist, Teodoro Nuñez (Theodore) and the poet-guerilla, Javier Heraud   (Herald) – to introduce today’s muse – Theodore Herald; a name that reflects the brand’s provenance and quality materials but also our international experience and attitudes.

Theodore Herald is the spirit of our label, the signature for a new masculine aesthetic and also, perhaps, your self; the modern, multi-faceted men who are looking for a new type of menswear that is both considered and considerate.

Theodore Herald is a stance and a style. Embrace your gentle man and dress your self to take your place in the society you’re helping change for the better.

BEHIND THE BRAND - Founder Story

Hello from Ivo

Hello, I'm Ivo Zuazo and I'm the passionate Peruvian who is trying to change the way men dress and show up in society for the better.

In early 2019 I was planning my wedding with my wife-to-be in the southern part of Italy. Around the time of the wedding, we were planning several social events that demanded a more sophisticated way of dressing than I was used to.

At the time I was a Marketing Director in Philips headquarters in the Netherlands but in early 2019 I was asked to join the Latin American team on a one-year expat assignment in Panama. Knowing few people and with my partner based in Geneva, during that year I had more time than usual to start to consider upgrading and changing my wardrobe but also to realise that luxury menswear was a bit too stiff and stuffy for my tastes. 

It didn't take me too long to realise that I could not wear suits and ties for all the events around my wedding but I also struggled to find a brand with an elegant and subtle design that focused on making the wearer feel good - physically, emotionally, ethically - and delivered on quality without the astronomical prices of the high-end luxury brands. I also didn't personally identify with the stereotypes of menswear advertised, depicting a very limited definition of success and an outdated concept of masculinity that was not relevant to me. Those were my first two a-ha moments. 

In addition to this, I am a product Peruvian - born and raised in Lima - and I have always wanted to do something for my country, especially when my work and life has now taken me so far away. Alpaca, one of our finest yarns and with an amazing sustainable credentials (did you know that alpacas actually save energy and help regenerate the landscape at 3,800 metres above sea level where they live?), is not very common in menswear and although we have a strong manufacturing footprint with several luxury brands producing in Peru, there was no Peruvian brand relevant in the menswear world and there was certainly not an ethical luxury Peruvian slow fashion brand that was working with communities in Peru and around the world to positively impact no only the environment but also the whole codes of masculinity.

And so, after the wedding, as my wife was living in Geneva, I decided to quit my corporate job and relocate to Geneva to start our married life together and continue my entrepreneurial journey. Rather than find a job in menswear fashion, I decided to use my savings and savvy to build a brand that I truly believe in, that celebrates where I'm from but also celebrates how men like me are evolving and that could be a positive force for many.

I hope Theodore Herald resonates with you and that you'll join us on our journey to dress, reflect and encourage a new generation of Gentle Men.

Ivo Zuazo
Founder & CEO