Peruvian luxury textiles

The birthplace of textiles, more than 5,000 years ago the pre-Inca cultures, such as Paracas and Nazca, cultivated cotton and natural dyes in the coastal valleys, while Chavin and Tiawanaku handcrafted fine knits and cloth from alpaca and vicuña in the highlands. For centuries Peru has been a land of fine textiles and specialized textile workers. It’s no surprise then that Peru has long been favoured as the ideal country for sourcing high quality cotton, alpaca and a fusion of textile blends.

A vast array of world-leading luxury brands has all chosen to source their materials from Peru and it has been the inspiration for many collections. One of our favourites was in the April 2013 issue of Vogue, when Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino, Peruvian model, Juana Burga Cervera and British model, Kate Moss celebrated the nation’s colourful textile heritage, donning traditional ponchos, capes, hats and chullos.