Teodoro Nuñez

Theodore Herald takes its inspiration from two great Peruvian artist-creative changemakers – the artist-activist, Teodoro Nuñez (Theodore) and the poet-guerilla, Javier Heraud (Herald). We like to think we capture the spirit of both of these important icons and channel their creative activism and masculinity for today in our forward looking brand, Theodore Herald.

Our first muse, Teodoro Núñez Ureta (1912 - 1988) was one of Peru's most outstanding watercolour artists and, without doubt, the most prolific muralist.

Recognized as one of the best exponents of 20th century art in Peru, Teodoro Núñez Ureta was a professor, self-taught artist and journalist. A simple, multiple man with a revolutionary spirit, he defined himself in an interview as: “… In truth, I am a Peruvian painter of the Peruvian, seeking the universal and permanent through the characteristic and the perishable. And full of love, violence, indignation and hope for the country in which I live…”. The inexhaustible sensitivity and dissatisfaction that characterized him is reflected in his extensive artistic and literary production. It is the combination of raw talent, sensitivity and rebellion that inspires us at Theodore Herald and makes this inspiring artist our muse.