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Pima Cotton Polo Shirt (Zip-neck)

$174.35 $249.07
The iconic 100% Mercerized Pima Cotton polo shirt,
18 gauge with a piqué stitch rib collar and premium recycled Riri zipper.
Colours: Dark Navy with Nickel Riri zipper
Sizes: Size Guide
Choosing to wear Theodore Herald is a celebration of craftsmanship and the attention to detail needed to create truly beautiful items of modern menswear. These fine details may be invisible to the unstudied eye but they combine to make Theodore Herald the epitome of the buy less, buy more movement, reflecting the value of investing in quality over quantity. Here are some of our signature details explained:

The gauge of an item refers to the number of stitches a garment has per inch and depends on the following variables: the size of the yarn, the size of the needle and the stitch pattern. The thicker the needle or yarn is the broader the stitch will be and therefore the gauge will be lower. The finer the needle or yarn is, the slighter the stitch will be and therefore the gauge will be higher. Our menswear has a deliberately fine gauge, making it highly versatile for all year round wear and luxuriously comfortable.

All of our items feature premium stitching with some utilising typically traditional Peruvian techniques such as our iconic Quipu hand stitch in Baby Alpaca 3-ply. Our launch collection features the following stitching types:

Quipu hand stitching – Quipu stitching uses the inner, softer, drier hair of the Baby Alpaca. This sumptuous yarn gives more definition to the stitches and is selected to emphasis the detailing.

Piqué is a weaving style that is characterised by featuring raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric.  The use of piqué for our collars gives them a comfortable stiffness that ensures that the collar lies well.

We use premium, recycled Riri zippers across our collection. Originating from Switzerland, Riri is the world’s leading zipper manufacturer, renowned for its quality and innovation. Riri is the first fashion accessories company to make the transition to circular economy, and, in line with our gentle ethos and commitment to sustainability and slow fashion, our zippers are made from recycled polyester.
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Hand wash maximum temperature 40 ºC 

Do not bleach 

Tumble drying possible at normal temperature 80 ºC

Flat drying 

Iron at a maximum sole plate temperature of 150 ºC 

Professional dry cleaning (P) normal process

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