Our collection: Roots

5,000 years ago, the first Peruvians domesticated wild animals to extract fibres for their looms.
They lived off and with the earth in circularity with their environment and their selves.

Our first collection is called Roots. As the launch collection, it pays respects to and showcases our proud Peruvian origins combining the cultural identity of our home country, its influence on our artists and its beautiful, diverse and colourful landscapes.

Roots takes inspiration from the work of the contemporary Peruvian artist, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, in his Quipus series. A quipu is an intricate system of knotted strings in various colors that are used to store and convey information. Literally translated as “knot” in Quechua, the Inca culture used this knot data system.

The ancient Pre-Columbian Inca language and the ‘quipu’ became a universal, symbol of the union between Eielson’s Peruvian roots and his later life and travels in Europe. In the same way that Eielson created a contemporary version of the ancient ‘quipu’ in his art works, we have redefined and revised every hue, knot, tension and torsion in this collection as symbol of the interplay and dialogue between cultures.

We have also given shape in contemporary form to our wonderful landscapes, inspired by the work of artists such as Jorge Luis Dieguez and Ana Teresa Barboza. Our notoriously famous Rainbow Mountain, the Nazca Lines among other landscapes represent the diversity of colors, shapes and forms of our national identity and are woven into our fabrics and designs.

And representative of the new masculinity we dress for and see emerging throughout the world, Roots exhibits a strong attention for detail for the modern man, not only on hand stitches and high-quality Peruvian yarns, fit and manufacturing but also with a strong touch of empathy, sensitivity and care for our planet, all qualities of our modern Gentle Man.